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David's Lawn Care Ltd.

Lawn care, Landscaping, Fertilizing and herbicide spraying, Snow Removal, Parking lot, Sanding. and all yard services.

About Us

Davids Lawn Care Ltd. Was started in 1996 by David to pay for a golf membership . Ross started working for him when he was 8 years old, doing whatever part of the job he thought was fun. The business kept on growing and he continued to work for us every season, in both summer and winter around school. When Ross finished school he started working full time. Handling all the properties himself, with the same quality and care we taught him. On April.1 of 2012 he bought us out and now has full ownership of the company. Ross now continues to expand the company larger, and more successful then it has ever been. With support and guidance from us.

We take great pride in keeping the quality high, it is what our business is known best for. We are still completely family based and operated. Our equipment is known best to always be completely maintenanced and cleaned after each day of work.


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