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David's Lawn Care Ltd.

Lawn care, Landscaping, Fertilizing and herbicide spraying, Snow Removal, Parking lot, Sanding. and all yard services.

List of Services


David's Lawn Care Ltd. Isn't just a Lawn care company, WE do it ALL.

  • Spring  clean ups - Back pack blow flower beds & edges, Power rake, rake, cut&trim, aerate
  • Regular lawn cutting - (SEASONAL) We come weekly or twice a week
  • Fall clean ups -  Leaf Removal, and final cut at two inches
  • Fertilizing and Herbicide - Three applications, May-July-September
  • *No CHEMICAL* Option - for a more environmentally friendly future, 4 applications or 3 of just enivro friendly fertilizer NO CHEMICAL, a healthy lawn should thrive without chemical, with proper water schedules. ( The office lawn has not been sprayed with chemical for five years now, the lawn grows 6 inches weekly and has maybe 3 weeds in the entire lawn - watered 6 days a week)


  •  Weeding
  •  Snow Removal - Commercial or Residential
  •  Parking lot sweeping 
  •  Line painting
  •  Salting  / Sanding for winter use only