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David's Lawn Care Ltd.

Lawn care, Landscaping, Fertilizing and herbicide spraying, Snow Removal, Parking lot, Sanding. and all yard services.

David's Lawn Care Ltd.

Hello and thank you for visiting our website. 

We are fully booked for this years winter season. We appreciate your support! Sorry for any inconvenience. Thank you!

We have some news we would like to share, for the past few seasons we have been trying to become more environmentally friendly. With less chemicals on lawns and using less gas from the pumps. We have a line up  of a equipment that only use ASPEN FUEL the cleanest fuel available in the world. Zero byproducts to hurt humans or pets. We also have electric machines in our trailers. Our goal is to be carbon neutral eventually. 

Thank you and Be Safe!

if your contacting us through the website please leave your address so we can give you prices over email, or call the office.  (306)374-4955

We would love to thank our customers for their respect and loyalty, DLC is proud to announce that we are The 2019 Consumer Choice Award winner in the category of Lawn Maintenance!!  For 4 years Back to Back Winners!!!


 David's Lawn Care Ltd, Lawn Maintenance, Saskatoon, SK


We offer all your Lawn Care and Landscaping needs, Spring cleans ups, Fertilizing & Spraying, Weekly cutting, Fall clean ups and Snow Removal.

  Davids Lawn Care Ltd, Lawn Maintenance, Saskatoon, SK

Davids Lawn care is a professional family owned and operated lawn care company.  We strive to make our lawns pristine in every possible way. From weekly  cutting, spraying and fertilizing, spring and fall clean ups, and winter snow  removal, we do it all!(Check out or service page for more services) We work all year around, and are happy to serve you with all your summer and winter needs. 

We greatly appreciate you for visiting our website, and hope you enjoy our exceptional work as much as we do!


We Are Licensed And Accredited 
  • The very first lawn care company in Saskatoon with the Better Business Bureau
  • $2,000,000 Liability
  • Saskatchewan Workers Compensation Board (incident free)
  • City and Provincially Licensed
  • Incorporated since 2005
  • 2016 Consumer Choice Award
  • 2017 Consumer Choice Award
  • 2018 Consumer Choice Award
  • 2019 Consumer Choice Award
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